NOTE: Orientation is only open to candidates that have completed registration in the Plumbers 75 career portal. If you have yet to complete this step, you can register here: PipeTradeCareers.Com/WI/75

It's Time to Take the Next Steps

Start today on your journey to become a plumbing apprentice in WI.


Click to download the application. After you complete it, mail it to the Plumbers 75 Apprenticeship Office at 11175 W. Parkland Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53224.
We cannot accept emailed applications.

You're on a Roll! Follow Steps 2-6 next. 

2. Transcripts

3. Assessment

4. Letter of Introduction

5. Employment

6. Selection


  • Contact your school administration to have an official copy of your final high school transcript sent to: Plumbers 75 Apprenticeship Office, 11175 W. Parkland Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53224
  • Make sure they include the date of graduation, all grades, and an official stamp or seal


  • Send anything yourself-it should come directly from the school
  • Send anything but official transcripts: no diplomas, and no certificates
  • Fax, email, or photocopy the transcripts: only original mailed transcripts are accepted

Didn't attend a traditional state-accredited school? Further instructions for GED, home-schooled, and foreign candidates can be found on our .pdf download.

ACT logo

Did you Take the ACT? 

  • If you've earned the minimum score requirements on the ACT test in the last 5 years (Reading-16, Math-15), you can use your scores to fulfill your testing requirement.
  • Visit the ACT website to learn how to send scores using college code #8002.

Do You Need a Different Assessment?

  • Schedule an appointment to take the Accuplacer Next Generation at the testing facility of your choice  Tip: Choose country & state, leave city/zip blank.
  • You'll need to download and submit our Test Authorization Form for this assessment
  • Or, if you've taken an Accuplacer or TABE test in the last 5 years, see further instructions in the Step 3 handout.

More information on TESTING, SCORES, FAILURE/RE-TESTING, and SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS can be found by downloading our Step 3 handout. 

For help on the Accuplacer test, download our list of valid tutoring agencies.

STEP 4: Letter of Introduction

Plumbing Training 1

Upon completion of steps 1-3, the Apprenticeship Office will invite you to a scheduled session to receive your Letter of Introduction. This will qualify you to apply to plumbing companies.

STEP 5: Employment

Employment at a sponsoring signatory contractor is the primary requirement for an apprenticeship as there's no on-the-job training without a job!

Once you are hired, you are competing against other entry-level tradespeople to demonstrate your apprenticeship readiness. If you prove to your contractor you are a good fit for an apprenticeship, they will sponsor you into the program and you will be asked to complete the remaining requirements of the apprenticeship.

Use the below resources to put your best foot forward.

how to get hired as a plulmbing apprentice

What you Need to Know About Getting Hired

UA Plumbers Local 75 does not hire apprentices directly. In order for you to start your plumbing training and career, you must be hired by one of our signatory contractors. Review what you need to know about getting hired by downloading our .pdf.

Do you Need A Resume?

When you apply directly to our signatory contractors you'll be asked for your employment history. Although some may not require a resume with your apprenticeship application, creating one in advance is a great way to expedite the application process and demonstrate your professionalism.

Google Docs Resume
Google Docs Resume

Plumbing Apprentice Resume Template: Google Docs

If you use Google Docs, copy our plumber pre-apprentice resume template and use it as an example to personalize your own.

Plumbing Apprentice Resume Template: Microsoft Word

If you use Microsoft Word, download our plumber pre-apprentice resume template and use it as a sample to personalize your own.

How Should You Prepare for an Interview with a Contractor? 

practice interview questions plumbing contractor

Taking time to review common questions and consider your answers will demonstrate your professionalism during interviews. We've collected some sample questions for your consideration

STEP 6: Selection

After finding a placement with a plumbing company, the final steps to apprenticeship include a pre-employment drug test, a review of program requirements, and some paperwork.


Need Help? 

Apprenticeship Readiness

Want to become a stronger & more desirable candidate? Attend an Apprenticeship Readiness Orientation through WRTP/BIGSTEP.

City of Milwaukee Residents

City of Milwaukee Residents: Want to increase your access to employment opportunities? Check out the Residents Preference Program from WRTP/BIGSTEP.


RGB P75 Education Fund@2x

If you have questions, the Milwaukee Area Joint Plumbing Apprenticeship Committee is here to help.

Stephanie Cowan
Plumbers Local 75 Education & Apprenticeship Secretary
414-359-1318 Ext. 6



Hear from Apprentices:

College was Boring for Me

"I have always been very active. I played sports in college - I loved that part of it. But sitting in a classroom all day and listening to a teacher lecture me and then having to write papers and do everything exactly the way they said it needed to be done, it was boring for me."

You Get Paid the Day You're in School

"I tried college. Working all summer just to pay for class wasn't working out for me. Here you get paid the day you're in school. You're getting paid to learn instead of paying to learn. When you start out as an apprentice that wage is pretty generous compared to other jobs' starting pay."