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It's Time to Take Action

+Family Health Coverage
+Pension & Retirement
+Education & Training





Earn a Fair Wage...

Never worry about asking for a raise again. Collective bargaining ensures workers receive a fair wage and companies put people before profits. Example: a $10/hr premium accrues to a staggering half a million dollars difference over a 25 year career.


...Keep a Fair Wage

No matter how far away your retirement seems, the best time to plan for it is today. That's why unions take care of this chore for its members, without the worker assuming any investment risk. Your pension is guaranteed, you can retire young enough to enjoy it, and you'll never outlive it.


Change the Status Quo

Your voice matters. All union members receive a vote on issues regardless of title or seniority. Opportunities to contribute and make a difference in equality, safety, and advancement abound.


Avoid Career Surprises

Life isn't fair, but your workplace should be. Confidently look to the future with planned annual raises and consistent career paths for promotions. If a contractor isn't doing right by its employees, the union upholds a formalized grievance procedure and provides protection from arbitrary dismissal.


Share Values

  • Safety.
  • Fairness.
  • Honesty.
  • Transparency.

Unions help produce a more equal, and thus, a more just and equitable workplace of shared prosperity.


Pay It Forward

Your frequent access to training on the newest techniques and technologies not only benefits you and your career, but the industry as a whole. With our culture of field coaching, real-world hands-on mentoring, one day you'll be learning from the guru and later you'll pass the torch to the next generation.


"Unions are Just Good Ol' Boys Clubs."

FALSE. Boys' clubs perpetuate when favors are provided to friends and connections. Just the opposite is true in unions. You don't need to know someone to join, all members pass the same rigorous training and testing requirements. Once you join, you'll receive the same privileges as everyone else, regardless of your association.

"Unions Only Help Union Workers."

FALSE. Have you heard unions compared to private interest organizations? This is fiction. Just like a high tide raises all ships, unions improve worker compensation for the entire industry, not just members. Economic Policy Institute research proves higher union density has historically led to higher pay among nonunion workers. Additionally, apprenticeship training and access to continuing education improve skill sets and safety on all jobsites.

Pride in Community Projects.

Fiserv Forum

"You get to say to people -- 'Hey, I worked on that.' and it gives me even more pride about what I've done."

MillerCoors Brewery

"That's really what impresses me, there's so much science that goes into steamfitting these days."

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