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Don't miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity to catapult your career by capitalizing on your welding experience. The best day to start is today.

Our career advisors are available for a 1-on-1 confidential sit-down to help you map a career path or to answer any question you have. We welcome your spouse, partner or other allies important to your career decisions to join.

Now Hiring Welding Pros

Why Now?

Wisconsin has always had a high need for skilled pipe welders but a once-in-a-generation wave of demand is about to hit the shores of Lake Michigan. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act makes the largest investment in clean drinking water and wastewater infrastructure in history, and the press for pipe welding professionals will be strong.

Another factor contributing to the growing demand is modern manufacturing efficiencies that depend upon the pre-fabrication of spools. If you've been considering making a career change, the time is now to check out a career as a fabricator.

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Highly Skilled is in High Demand

TIG, MIG, FluxCore, Stick. If you can produce an x-ray quality weld, contractors at UA Local 400 can put you to work. 

Wisconsin's New North has lucrative jobs for golden arms that can pass any number of gate tests our contractors throw at them:

  • Radiography Testing
  • Ultrasonic Testing
  • Magnetic Testing
  • Dye Penetrant Testing

Join elite teams of best-in-class welders that are as efficient and effective as you are. The only thing they're more fanatic about than quality is safety. Why do we know this is true? Because UA Local 400 worked in partnership with their straight-line fabrication contractors to develop a best-in-class fabrication apprenticeship program. The bulk of top welders in the area are products of this program.

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Why Work in Fabrication?

If you're a steamfitter, pipefitter, rig welder, pipeline helper or other career pipe or vessel welder, you might wonder why you should check out careers in pipe fabrication. You've put in your time in the field, and now we've got you covered. Here's how:

Consistency: You'll still experience variety in the jobs you do but your travel, station, co-workers, and schedule will be gloriously consistent.

Comfort: Rain or shine or snow - you'll never know. Work inside temperature-controlled environments with high air quality and low chance of sunburn. Enjoy ergonomic stations with rigging lifts to assist you with large loads. All from the ground level.

Tools: No need to lug tools when they're provided for you on a shadow board. The same is true for PPE consumables, if you need it, you'll have it. You'll work on state-of-the-art equipment, too.

Training: There's always something new to learn and with access to Local 400's world-class training facility, you can practice until you're perfect. Even on advanced materials like titanium, aluminum and chrome. Take courses and gain certifications like NCCCO crane signals, EPRI rigging, orbital welding, metallurgy, and isometric drawing/blueprint reading, for even more security and variety. 

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Take the Next Step

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If you've got what it takes, you can join a rewarding and lucrative career. First, register in our career portal.

Next, you may be invited for a welding assessment. Join our top instructors for an extensive evaluation at our training facility.

Finally, meet with a career advisor to establish a contract and training program customized for you.

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Our career advisors are available for a 1-on-1 confidential sit-down to help you map a career path or to answer any question you have. We welcome your spouse, partner or other allies important to your career decisions to join.

Local 400 has Three Straightline Fabrication Contractors and 12 Fab Shops


Hear From Our Members

"Our apprenticeship is akin to a 5-year college, except you're coming out making $100-$120K annually, including benefits, with no student debt."

-Doug Dokey, UA Local 400

"It's nice to have a set schedule - you know when you're coming in and you know when you're going home. "

-Tony Lom, Team Industires Inc.

"I'm happy with my career decision - one of the best decisions I've made. The opportunities in the pipe trades are endless."

-Jason Zeeveld, Piping Systems Inc.

"It takes a lot of skill to be an x-ray welder. You get all of your education from Local 400. "

-Chad Hirte, Enerpipe LLC

"I'm proud to say our members are building a piece of freedom every day."

-Dustin Delsman, UA Local 400

The pipework done in Wisconsin's New North is shipped around the nation...and the world

It's meaningful work that supports our homes, schools, hospitals, and even our nation's defense

There's never been a better time to get started in pipe and vessel welding and fabrication

Fincantieri Marinette builds constellation-class Frigates for the US Navy.

Protect Your Paycheck as a Local 400 Pipe Fabricator

Make over $100,000 annually as a pipe fabricator with UA Local 400

Keep Your Paycheck

When working for a UA Local 400 contractor, your fringe benefits are covered in addition to your wages, unlike other jobs where you use your paycheck to buy your benefits. So, keep your paycheck – all benefits are covered!

Committ to a lifelong career in the pipe trades, and you'll be rewarded with access to a strong, well-funded pension allowing you keep a paycheck throughout your retirement.

Plump Your Paycheck

There's more than one way to stack dimes around here. Because you don't have to quit when the sun sets, opportunities for overtime abound. Pocket a premium on second shift or add to your base wage with certifications.

low cost of living

Stretch Your Paycheck

Green Bay is the third largest city in Wisconsin, and although it has the same Great Lake shores as Chicago, IL, and the same latitude as Minneapolis, MN, the cost of living is far less. Even when compared to other large cities in the state - Madison and Milwaukee - Green Bay residents average a cost-living-expense close to 10% less than other big Midwest towns.

If you're in other parts of the US known for pipe fabrication and professional welders like Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Georgia, you owe it to yourself to review how much further your paycheck will go in Wisconsin's New North. Visit CNN Money to use their Cost-of-Living Calculator.

See how your paycheck can benefit: register in our career portal.

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Because we have assisted in helping many welders find fulfilling fabrication futures, we know that there are major factors you need to consider, and have prepared some helpful information below.

Have more questions? Register in our fabrication career portal and a career advisor will reach out promptly.

Plus 6 More Reasons to Join Us:

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Earn a Fair Wage...

Never worry about asking for a raise again. Collective bargaining ensures workers receive a fair wage and companies put people before profits. Example: a $10/hr premium accrues to a staggering half a million dollars difference over a 25 year career.


...Keep a Fair Wage

No matter how far away your retirement seems, the best time to plan for it is today. That's why unions take care of this chore for its members, without the worker assuming any investment risk. Your pension is guaranteed, you can retire young enough to enjoy it, and you'll never outlive it.


Change the Status Quo

Your voice matters. Members of UA Local 400 have input on everything from their wages and benefits to working conditions. Opportunities to contribute and make a difference in equality, safety, and advancement abound.


Avoid Career Surprises

Life isn't fair, but your workplace should be. Confidently look to the future with planned annual raises and consistent career paths for promotions. If a contractor isn't doing right by its employees, the union upholds a formalized grievance procedure and provides protection from arbitrary dismissal.


Share Values

  • Safety.
  • Fairness.
  • Honesty.
  • Transparency.

Unions help produce a more equal, and thus, a more just and equitable workplace of shared prosperity.


Pay It Forward

Your frequent access to training on the newest techniques and technologies not only benefits you and your career but the industry as a whole. With our culture of coaching, and real-world hands-on mentoring, one day you'll be learning from the guru and later you'll pass the torch to the next generation.

We're Here When You're Ready

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