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Why Contractors Partner with Local 400

An Assist with HR Headaches

Hiring, firing, and labor disputes. Raises. Layoffs. These can be things of the past when you partner with UA Local 400 as a signatory contractor. With a partner acting as your HR department, you'll free up time to get back to your client's projects.

Access to a Flexible Labor Pool

As a business owner, you need to right-size your team to match every project. Finding specialized skilled labor for specific RFPs - quickly. Reducing ancillary talent upon a job's completion - painlessly. By partnering with UA Local 400, you'll manage your workforce to match each job site - and your cash flow - both by accessing specializations and reducing payroll bloat.

Care & Keeping of Valued Employees

Your business goes as your employees do. Unfortunately, the tasks of keeping your team healthy, wealthy, and wise can strain the resources of SMBs. When a contractor is looking to grow, they partner with UA 400 to handle healthcare plans, retirement planning, and training to keep both their valuable employees and their business on track for growth.

Is your Mechanical Business a Good Fit for Becoming a UA Local 400 Signatory Contractor?

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Even More Reasons To Explore a Partnership with UA Local 400

Benefits to Your Business, Your Workforce, Your Clients and Your Projects Abound.

first choice on talent

Grab First Dibs on Future Talent

Apprentice candidates are pre-vetted insure their interest in a career – not just another job.

delegate HR headaches

Delegate Headaches

Disputes, complaints, hiring & firing can be relegated to labor professionals on-staff at UA Local 400, giving you back time in your day.

meet rfp requirements

Meet Every RFP

Win jobs that require special skills with access to top talent. Avoid long-term commitments employing niche workers for one-off projects.

ceus for pipetrades

Take Priceless Education Free

New technologies? Updated Code? UA Local 400 organizes and produces education for its members and apprenticeship candidates at no cost.

no more raise requests

Raze Raise Requests

Wages are pre-negotiated. You do not have to deal with employee raise requests as the path to promotion is already laid.

payroll bloat

Upsize & Downsize

As project demands change, you can upsize or downsize your labor commitments efficiently to minimize workforce costs.

Top 10 F.A.Q. on Partnering with UA Local 400

Whether you're leading a new or established mechanical business, you may have the same questions as any of the other 100+ contractors that have onboarded into partnership. Below are the most frequently asked.


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FACT or FICTION: Is Your Reality Actually Rumor?

testimonial 1

"Unions like Local 400 do not like non-union contractors."


What Unions don’t like are contractors who cut corners on safety and training, don’t follow State laws or permitting, and don’t provide adequate healthcare or retirement savings to their tradespeople. There is a cost to each one of those on every job and when they are not jointly paid, that liability goes to the customer or the community. There are non-union contractors that do follow the laws and provide accordingly to their employees and typically their costs and bids are similar to union contractors.

testimonial 2

"I have heard of unions not being able to fund benefits."


It is rare that any of the 55 unions in AFL-CIO, representing 12 million workers, have not been able to fund their commitments. UA Local 400 assuredly is not in that position.

In fact, members have built their health fund to secure 24 months of reserves with no unfunded liabilities. Local 400 is well-positioned financially thanks to our current members and retirees.

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